fluxbg (Fluxbox Background)
(c) 2003 by Juergen Repolusk under GPL Licence


whats fluxbg?
fluxbg (Fluxbox Background) is a tool for a comfortable changing of the background
under the fluxbox windowmanager 0.1.x and 0.9.x. i created it because i was bored of
using the bsetbg command. but its still under construction and my programming skills
are not the best as you would see if you take a look into the source code.

If you want to see fluxbg in action follow this link: --> snapshots

what are the features? where are the bugs?
until now there are following features:
* take a picture as background and select alignment (center, full, tile)
* choose a solid colour and take it as background (actually supported by fluxbox 0.1.x)
* a daemon for changing the background in time intervals
* an automatical configuration tool
and since the 0.7 version there are following features added:
* more portability - so that fluxbg also runs in BSD
* an extended configuration tool
* a randomizer for the fluxbg daemon - fluxbgd
* optimized code

yeah... and bugs - that should be your job to tell me where those bugs are.
simply mail to: juerep@gmx.at

whats going to be in the next releases?
* optimizing the color fluxbg set
* including the access to X for setting the background directly
* extended list options
* and maybe some day - render functions

if you have ideas for other stuff you are also welcome to mail me.
download the new version of fluxbg at sourceforge.net:
--> http://sourceforge.net/projects/fluxbg/
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